If your child needs a physical to participate in sports training and competition, you can rely on skilled pediatrician Samuel Addo, MD, PhD, in Hamilton, New Jersey. Dr. Addo offers comprehensive sports physicals for children and teens to make sure they are healthy enough to participate in sports activities. Call the practice, Samuel Boi Addo MD PC, today to schedule your child’s next sports physical or use the online scheduling tool.

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A sports physical is a complete physical exam that Dr. Addo completes to make sure your child is healthy enough to safely take part in sports activities. Sports physicals can be required to participate in school- or community-sponsored sports activities.

What are the benefits of sports physicals?

The main benefit of sports physicals at Samuel Boi Addo MD PC is detecting or ruling out medical conditions that might become dangerous during intense physical exertion. Examples include heart conditions, fractures, head injuries, severe asthma, joint injuries, and other injuries.

What happens during sports physicals?

During sports physicals, Dr. Addo assesses your child’s weight, body mass index (BMI), pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs. He reviews their medical history, including past diagnoses, medications they take, past injuries, and possible symptoms.

He completes a thorough physical exam to assess your child’s heartbeat, breathing, eyes, ears, throat, limbs, reflexes, and more.

If needed, Dr. Addo will strongly recommend that your child have urine and blood tests, asthma and allergy tests, heart-function testing, and an imaging procedure like X-rays, an MRI, CT scan, or ultrasound to detect or rule out possible problems.

What should I expect after a sports physical?

After a sports physical at Samuel Boi Addo MD PC, Dr. Addo lets you know if your child is healthy enough to safely take part in sports. In some cases, he’ll recommend treatment for illness, injury, or disease before he signs off on your child’s physical fitness.

For example, he might prescribe an inhaler for use during sports activities if your child has asthma or recommend that they wear a brace during physical activity.

If your child passes their sports physical, Dr. Addo completes the paperwork required by your child’s school or sports team.

When should I schedule sports physicals?

Any time you want to know if it’s safe for your child to play sports, you can schedule a sports physical at Samuel Boi Addo MD PC. Your child’s school could require it every year to ensure that they’re eligible to practice for or play sports.

Call the Samuel Boi Addo MD PC office today or go online to schedule a sports physical for your child.